What is Coaching? OLD

What is Coaching?

Coaching, put simply, is about you.  You want to make a change but you’re not sure how.  You need someone to help you achieve that change.  Someone to hold you accountable, someone to ask the questions you’ve never thought to ask yourself, and someone to simply listen to you.

It’s a commitment to personal development.  It’s about being in the present, but looking forward to the future.  To having goals, and working towards achieving them.

In a nutshell, it’s a collaborative conversation.

What is Presentation Coaching?

Presentation coaching combines all of the above with active guidance on how to make your presentation the best it can be and help you become the confident self-assured person you want to be.

What is Crossroads Confidence Coaching?

Crossroads Confidence Coaching (or the Three Cs) helps you work out the change of direction you want to go in and gives you the confidence to take the necessary steps to do just that.  You can be at a crossroads in your life or your career or both and you are so overwhelmed with what you might do, that you end up doing nothing.  Coaching can help you explore your options, identify what belief system might be holding you back and work out if your values are no longer matching the circumstances you find yourself in.