Helen Foster Coaching

Transformational Coach for Women in the Media

Helen is a wonderful public speaking coach. She coached me to create a 20 minute talk on Happiness. She gave me strong feedback about what would capture the audience’s attention and step by step helped me write and then present a lively 20 minute talk. Helen is a force of nature! Her energy and her practical feedback helps you instantly feel more confident in what and how you are presenting. With her BBC background and her coaching skills, you feel that you are in excellent hands!

Suzy Walker

Editor Psychologies Magazine

I was at a crossroads when I started working with Helen. I needed to change career. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but didn’t know how to make it work. Helen showed me how to strip away all of the negative ideas and feelings and showed me how to bat away my fear and be more positive. This was particularly hard as I am a “glass half empty” person. However, after my sessions with Helen I look at everything in a positive way. I have started my own business and I know I will succeed. Much of this is down to Helen, her coaching and just being a really lovely person. I would recommend Helen to anyone who needs help with their career, or any other part of their life.

Natalie Chisholm

Voiceover Artist and actress

Professional and responsive from the outset, Helen is a reliable and honest coach, and a warm and friendly person to entrust my time and energy with. She outlined a clear framework for our work together, and provided a way of working through the barriers that were holding me back and preventing me from making decisions.

Through talking to Helen, and setting myself small, realistic goals, I gradually regained a much-needed feeling of purpose. It wasn’t always an easy process, but by the end of our work together I had performed a massive U-turn on how I wanted to take my career and my life forward, and felt more motivated than I had in months.

Sally, Yorkshire

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Helen and found her to be warm, friendly, focused and actively encouraging of my identifying my needs and ways in which I could meet them. At each session it was evident that Helen had kept accurate notes as she gave me a recap on what we discussed at the previous session, this fuelled a sense of continuity in the work and a sense that my issues were the focus; that I was important, prior to the work with Helen I think I lost sight of my own importance and value.

Each one of the sessions challenged me and allowed me to think deeply about issues which were important to me, Helen has a real skill in picking up the nuances in conversation and at times she was able to reflect back to me things I had said which I hadn’t been consciously aware of which then led to the ‘aha’s’!

Tracy Ellis, West Yorkshire

I have worked with Helen for the past six to seven months. She is not only an insightful life coach, a brilliant listener and a great observer, but also a very empathetic person. My first two sessions were conducted by phone through Skype. After that, I plucked up courage to use video mode, and I would recommend this to everyone who has Skype because, if you don’t, you will miss out on Helen’s empathetic personality and her brilliant smile which always lit up my day. For her this is definitely a vocation, not just a job. She puts her clients first and does everything she can to help them achieve their goals.

I took advantage of her free 30-minute coaching session and connected with her straightaway, so much so that I proceeded to take one of her courses. I felt completely secure in confiding in her the very personal details of my life, and at the time I was going through some traumatic experiences and was very confused and anxious. I thought I knew my life’s purpose, but through Helen’s wisdom, I learned that I had to free myself from my self-limiting beliefs first. By the end of the six sessions I had enough clarity to pursue my dream of writing my book to help others as I had been helped so many times through my life. And I know now that I have found an amazing life coach and an objective friend to whom I can turn if I get overwhelmed and need advice.

Helen is in a league of her own, both as a coach, and a person. If we had more people like her in the world, it would be a much better place to live in. So if you are searching for help, I would recommend Helen as your guide.

Margaret Reece