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Transformational Coach for Women in the Media

I get where you are – I’ve been there too

Working in the media is perceived as both prestigious and glamorous. Of course, some people find it can be both. For others though, it may not be so great. Long hours, little social life, poor eating habits, little exercise can all lead to burnout.

I worked at the BBC for 20 years. Most of the time it was amazing and brilliant. I travelled, I met interesting people, no day was the same, it had kudos. I was able to be a presenter, a reporter, and a producer all in the same company. It was my dream job. Or so I thought.

People change, and companies change too. My lovely job was moving to the North West (I was a producer with Radio 5live at the time). What should I do? Move with the job? Stay in London doing a different job at the BBC? Jump ship to another media organisation? If not – what? I had no idea, and no one to help me. No one who was my champion or who had my back. No one to listen to me and discuss what my options might be.

Heartache? You betcha! Tears? Floods of them. I wasted so much time trying to decide, that it was another three years after leaving the BBC that I properly got my act together.


Quite by accident I discovered Coaching and fell in love with it. An opportunity to help people, listen to people’s stories and support them to make a significant change. Hallelujah! I had a new purpose.  It did not need to have taken that long though.  If only I had had a coach.

Spin forward five years:

I re-trained with one of the most highly regarded and prestigious coaching companies in the UK.  I am now doing another job I love and have the life I want.  I stayed in the south east near my support network of friends and family. I coach women in the media, who like I was, are feeling stuck, unfulfilled and are wondering ‘what next?’

I have been coaching women like you since 2014.  I have helped them to develop their careers, find new jobs, the courage to travel the world, write books, take risks and understand themselves in ways they’ve never understood themselves before.

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