Helen Foster Coaching

Transformational Coach for Women in Media

I get where you are – I’ve been there too

If you want to feel decisive, in control, clear about who you are and what you want, then you need my help.

You’ve been going in circles talking to friends and family. Quite frankly they’re bored to tears of your sob story – and so are you!

It’s time.  Time for you to get back in the saddle and find the path that takes you back to YOU.

The you that knows what she wants. The you that has a PLAN for where she’s going and knows the STEPS needed to get there.

I’ve been coaching women like you for the past five years.  They have found new jobs, courage to go on adventures, write books, take chances and understand themselves in ways they’ve never understood themselves before.  See what my clients have to say about me:

I reached my own crossroads when the BBC moved my dream job (I was a producer at Radio 5live) to Salford. Should I move with the job? Stay in London doing a different job at the BBC? Jump ship to another media organisation?  If not – what?

I had no idea, and no one to help me. No one who was my champion or who had my back. No one to listen to me think out loud about my options and what my options might be.

Heartache? You betcha!  Tears?  Floods of them.

It was so, so hard making a decision, that when I finally did decide to leave the BBC – it took another three years to get my act together and start Helen Foster Coaching.

I re-trained with one of the most highly regarded and prestigious coaching companies in the UK – Barefoot Coaching.

I am now doing another job I love and have the life I want.  I stayed in the south east near my support network of friends and family. I coach women like you to feel more fulfilled, content and clear about their purpose.