Helen Foster Coaching

Transformational Coach for Women in the Media

 What is Coaching?

Coaching, put simply, is about you.  You want to make a change but you’re not sure how.  You need someone to help you achieve that change: 


– Someone to hold you accountable.

– Someone to ask the thought-provoking questions.

– Someone to listen to you.


It’s a commitment to personal development.  It’s about being in the present, but looking forward to the future.  To having goals, and working towards achieving them. In a nutshell, it’s a collaborative conversation. I’m really excited about working with women like you.

Benefits of Coaching


– Build resilience

– Identify values & motivations

– Boost self-confidence & self-esteem

– Improve professional performance

– Develop personal strengths, skills & self-awareness

– Change thinking, behaviours & attitudes which are unhelpful to you

– Identify what’s important & not important – your priorities

– Think more boldly, innovatively & creatively

– Clarify & achieve ambitions

– Renewed sense of purpose & direction

Why am I the Right Coach for You?

Been there, seen it, done it – 20 years working in the media, specifically BBC.


Changed my career four times – still smiling!


Been where you are right now – feeling stuck and unsure how best to move forward.


Lived through knockbacks and failure, surviving to tell the tale and being more resilient.


Understand how hard it is to change jobs/careers when you have been doing a job for so long.


Empathy for the fear you are facing about implementing change because I’ve felt it.


Listening skills to hear ideas you don’t even realise you are having!


Qualified: Post Graduate Certificate in Executive and Personal Coaching.