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Unsticking your Stuckness –  Coaching to Free Your Future


While working in the media is exciting, challenging and competitive, it can lead to burn out and exhaustion.  You can feel that you’re being overlooked for promotion, as though you’ve reached the top of your game and it may feel as if there’s nowhere else to go.

If so, what next? A promotion? A completely new job? A completely new industry? Write a book? Travel? Bake? Teach?  The list of what you might do is, quite frankly, overwhelming.

Or it might be underwhelming. You might feel your skills are limited? You lack confidence in what you can offer another department, company, industry?

Or you may feel so stuck, that you feel you have no options whatsoever.  I hated feeling like this. I went through all these experiences until I unstuck myself and moved forward to a happier career and life.

If you recognise yourself, I can help you.



Download the FREE Career Compass Guide to start unlocking your future.

Free Services

Join my private Facebook group Women in the Media, which is a safe place for women to share experiences. talk about challenges and support each other – and have some fun too!

Download my free Career Compass guide for ideas on how to work out what you want to do, and how you are going to do it.

If you think it might be useful, you can also have a 45 minute free telephone call with me to help you take the first steps on moving forward, and to experience me, what I do and how I do it.


Group Coaching

Join my next Group Coaching half day programme with other women in the media who want to change their current situation.

We will work confidentially in a small group via Zoom or similar to identify what you want, what motivates you to get what you want, how you are going to achieve what you want and what obstacles might stop you getting there. At the end of the course you will have greater self-awareness and understanding of where you are going.

It’s a cost effective way of accessing my help.

One-to-One Coaching

In one-to-one sessions with me, we tease out your frustrations with your current situation and create a plan of action to achieve the transformation you desire.

This coaching is tailored specifically to your needs. We work over Zoom, on the telephone or, by mutual agreement, face-to-face but of course, socially distanced.