Helen Foster Coaching

Transformational Coach for Women in Media

Hi I’m Helen,

I work with women in media who feel their career is not going the way they expected and who want to do something about it. They have too much choice, not enough choice, or no choices at all. They feel stuck. They do not known in which direction to go and have lost all sense of who they are or what their purpose is.  Is this you?

It was certainly my experience when I worked at BBC for 20 years. Faced with moving 250 miles to Salford, working part time at the same level, I was thinking “Is this it?  Really? What’s next?”  At other times I was overlooked for promotion, felt I had worked myself into a corner I couldn’t get out of, found myself having to work with a bully and at one point, even thought, “I’ll never get another job anywhere, let alone here!”

Working in the media is perceived as both prestigious and glamorous.  Of course, it can sometimes be both.  It can also involve exceptionally long hours and lots of hard work with a social life that only includes colleagues.  What seems an incredible and exciting career choice, may  turn out to be not what you hoped for.  Is this you?


Or it could be that it is the dream job.  The dream job that has kept giving.  You have found it challenging, stimulating, creative.  Every day is different.  You work with great people; you may have travelled the world; you are at the top of your game.  And yet something is missing,  You need a new challenge. But what?

The choices may seem endless.  Or they may feel extremely limited.  You feel frustrated.  You feel trapped.  Change needs to happen, but how?

If you recognise yourself in any of these scenarios, then I can help you.

Helen Foster Coaching helps you to understand yourself, identify what it is you want to do next, supports you to implement the steps to get you there and helps you find the clarity, direction and fulfilment you need to re-discover your purpose.

Call or email for a no obligation confidential conversation to start to explore how I can help you move forward and fufil your potential.

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