If you fear presentations so much that you avoid them, you may risk stalling your career.  But presentations don’t have to be made in a professional setting.  Being afraid to speak in social settings can be equally as debilitating, leading to a lack of confidence and low self esteem.

You may even find yourself stuck, and unable to move forward in both your life and your career.  If you feel sick to the pit of your stomach at the thought of making a presentation in front of 5 or 500 people, then it might be time to consider presentation coaching.

My 20 years working at the BBC as a presenter, reporter and producer mean that I can help you make your presentation the best it can be.

But it’s my coaching skills which will make you fly.

Confidence coaching gives you the time and the space to think through issues which you want to change, to gain the clarity on how to make that change  and then move forward to achieve your goals.  We work in partnership to help you feel confident, decisive and in control.

We can work face to face or via Skype so I can help you wherever you are in the world.

“Helen is a wonderful public speaking coach. She coached me to create a 20 minute talk on Happiness. She gave me strong feedback about what would capture the audience’s attention and step by step helped me write and then present a lively 20 minute talk. Helen is a force of nature! Her energy and her practical feedback helps you instantly feel more confident in what and how you are presenting. With her BBC background and her coaching skills, you feel that you are in excellent hands!”      

Suzy Greaves, Editor of Psychologies Magazine

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