Helen Foster Coaching

Giving your mind time and space to run free

Hi I’m Helen,

I work with women who are at a professional or personal crossroads.  They are stuck; don’t know which direction to go in and have lost of sense of who they are.  Is this you?

When I say ‘crossroads’, what do I mean?  Perhaps you’re not getting those promotions which used to come so easily. Or you’re of an age where you’re asking “Really? Is this it?”.

You could be coming out of a relationship; you may be juggling children, elderly parents AND a career.  Facing retirement, experiencing a bereavement.

All these experiences could put you at the crossroads of life, wondering – “what next?”.

If you recognise yourself in any of these scenarios, you’ve come to the right place.

Helen Foster Coaching will allow you to understand yourself, identify what you want to do and support you to implement the steps to get you there, giving you clarity, direction and fulfilment.

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