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We Walk, You Talk Coaching Programme

Like the Confidence at a Crossroads online programme, this is a 12-week 1-2-1 coaching programme for women at a professional or personal crossroads, but it takes place entirely outside in the beautiful Chiltern Countryside*.

We do “exactly what it says on the tin” – we walk, and you talk.  As we do so, I listen and coach you, challenging you and championing you in the same way as I would do online.

The beauty of coaching walks is that we walk alongside each other; you don’t have to look at me; you can simply talk, think out loud, admire the countryside and clear your head.

* If you are based in London, we can Walk & Talk there too! There are plenty of green spaces in this magnificent city!  And it’s always good to get out of the office to blow away the cobwebs.

Further benefits of coaching walks include:  

  • Lifting your mood

  • Stimulates creativity

  • Shifts your perspective

  • Heightens awareness of your surroundings

  • Inspires you to change your thinking

  • Gives you focus

  • Galvanises you to action