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Unsticking your Stuckness – Coaching to Free Your Future


Working in media is competitive, pressured, and exciting. But you can reach burn out, you can feel you’re being overlooked for promotion and you can feel you’ve reached the end of line – top of the tree? – and there’s nowhere else to go.
If so, what next? A promotion? A completely new job? A completely new industry? Write a book? Travel? Bake? Teach? I mean, the list of what you might do is, quite frankly overwhelming.
Or it might be underwhelming. You might feel your skills are limited? You lack confidence in what you can offer another department, company, industry?
Or you may feel so stuck, that you feel you have no options whatsoever.
I hated feeling like this. I went through all these experiences before I made my decision to leave the BBC.
So, this is where I help you.


Option 1: Free
Join my private Facebook group Career Freedom or Unstick Your Stuckness or Free Your Future – where we discuss the challenges faced by women in media.
1-2-1 No obligation call to tell me your story, find out how I work and how I can help you.

Option 2: Affordable
Join my next Group Coaching half day programme with other women in media who are stuck just like you. Identify your options, understand your values, decide your non-negotiables, increase your self-awareness.

Option 3: Premium/High End
Work with me on a 1-2-1 basis where we look at your current situation in detail; explore how you can transform your situation and create a plan of action to achieve the transformation you desire.
This coaching is tailored specifically to your needs via Zoom, telephone, or via coaching walks. We walk in the beautiful Chiltern countryside or in a park near your home.
Price on application.

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